I wanted to give our friends of CrossWay just a brief word of encouragement, perhaps a call – let’s remind ourselves to be happy in God. Tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday. Not too much opaque about the name – we are to give thanks. Of course, depending upon the day of the week or the circumstances of our lives, giving thanks can be more or less challenging. Sometimes, we simply don’t feel like giving thanks. At least I don’t always. Yet, when I look at my God through the lens of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, invariably my sometimes sad, lonely, whiney (?!), overly introspective heart is cheered. He loves us always. Oh, our covenant keeping God may not always be thrilled with our choices, happy with the sins we dabble or even drink in, but if we are in Christ, He always relates to us out of a posture of acceptance. Approval? I’d say not! He certainly doesn’t “approve” of all that I do or don’t do, but secure in Christ, He accepts me and works with me from this position of grace. How thankful I am for that! This lens of the Gospel corrects my self-centered vision and helps me to glory in the goodness of my God. So, for this Thanksgiving day, my prayer is that we would all put on our Gospel-glasses, that will enable us to see God clearly. When we truly see Him, we won’t have to “choose” thankfulness. Awe, brokenness, gratitude, humility and joy will fester deep inside, spilling out in worship. Thank You God!