Ahh, Mondays! There’s a reason why there has never been a restaurant with the name “TGIM” (Thank God it’s Monday!). Most of us look forward to Fridays, to the weekend for obvious reasons. Relaxation. Many have 5-day work schedules, so we take Saturday and Sundays off. We catch up on chores. We go to Church. But Mondays? It means the “everydayness ” of life continues. For many Pastors, Mondays can even be more of a downer. It’s usually because we’re a bit emotionally drained from Sundays. I’ll never forget the answer a veteran Pastor gave years ago when he was asked if he ever considered leaving the ministry. His reply was, “Yes, every Monday morning.” While being a bit humorous, he gave his honest answer. Whether or not you are a Pastor, how do we get through our Monday morning blues? By way of encouragement, let me offer the following. . .

– Find your primary identity in Christ (Galatians 2:20). This is especially helpful for Pastors. We tend to feel better about ourselves when the Sunday service(s) went “well” – usually meaning the attendance and offering was good. We preached well, so all is well. Well . . . this might sound a bit shallow, and, it is! Yet if we don’t remind ourselves that we are loved by Him and justified in Him, we’ll look for our “justification” is all sorts of other things. Do people approve of us? Do they like us? Is our church growing? Are we meeting budget? None of these are intrinsically bad things, right? Yet to the degree we tie our emotional state to the rise and fall of these things, we place ourselves in peril You are loved in Christ. He is your life. Remember that

– Second, as followers of Jesus, we follow Him to work. He is already there, doing something among our co-workers, whether or not we are aware. If we can go to work on Monday-Friday, looking for God at work, not just in and through us, but all around us, then our vocations truly to become our callings. The artificial and unbiblical dichotomy between “sacred” and “secular” dissolve away. LIfe and work become worship. Meaning is infused in our mundane Mondays.

– So, I leave you on this Monday, or, whenever you read this, to be a scout for the Divine. God loves you in Christ. Never ever forget that.