Purpose Statement

The following statement clearly and carefully defines our purpose as a church. It accurately reflects much Biblical teaching about the nature and purpose of our life and ministry:


“God has called us to make disciples of Jesus Christ who
respond to his Gospel by committing ourselves to 
loving God,
one another and the world in Christ’s name.”


Notice a few important things about our God-given purpose:

1. God calls us to a way of life that is centered in the love of God as revealed in the Gospel, or “good news” of Jesus Christ.

2. Our life as Christ-followers is a response to this Gospel. God has acted and spoken clearly and decisively to the world in and through Jesus Christ. We hear God’s Word and seek to respond with faith, obedience and love.

3. Our response to the Gospel is guided by the Bible, and it leads us to three commitments:

  • Loving God -the first and greatest commandment (Matthew 22:37-38)
  • Loving One Another –the second greatest (Matthew 22:39), and
  • Loving the World in Christ’s Name- (Matthew 28:19)

We also summarize these commitments by saying that God calls us to

Reach Up, Reach Out and Reach In
This website will spell out in greater detail how we carry out the above purpose and commitments. There is much more Biblical teaching behind it, as well as a lifetime of walking with Jesus that follows it. It is a clear and simple blueprint for “following Jesus and walking his way”. We know, of course, that life is not always simple. It can be both complex and difficult. That is why we need to be in community both with God and with one another. There is much strength, guidance and blessing to be gained when we come out of our isolation and become a part of God’s eternal family through a local congregation of brothers and sisters in Christ. By engaging the three commitments we are challenged to grow as disciples of Christ. We also have work to do that can only be done as we serve together as co-laborers with Christ.

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