I like June bugs. They remind me of my childhood. June bugs – you know, those little brown buzzy airborne bugs that come out in, well, June. (That’s why they call them June bugs rather than May or July bugs). If you can’t tell already, this month’s article will be more playful than usual. Yet, while it may be a bit of a stretch, I’ll connect this month’s slightly irreverent piece with last month’s article which was a reflection on John 15.

You might recall, in May, I explored with you a bit, about our life as branches with our True Vine Jesus. Jesus said as we abide in Him we would experience His joy. Jesus enjoyed His creation. I bet He likes June bugs too. I think enjoying June bugs and the things summer brings, can be an expression of real joy. When we find our life increasingly in Jesus (See John 15:1-11; Col. 3:1-3), we become more dependent/childlike, experiencing life in ways that make us feel young again. Ponder with me. I’m sure you can remember. What did you enjoy about the month of June when you were a child growing up?

For me, it was seemingly endless summer baseball games played at the local sandlot, lightning bugs, catching snakes, the smell of fresh cut grass, swimming in Uncle Andy’s lake with my cousins (there were over 20 of us!), ice cream trucks, and, of course, June bugs. I’m sure your list is probably different than mine.

But without being a post-party pooper (these days of youth are long gone for many of us!), there are even better days ahead. There are glorious days ahead! The reminisces we have of days-gone-by pale in comparison with the promised hope and joy of finally seeing our Lord face to face. At that time we will be like Him (I John 3:2-3)! And, so often when we read of what the Kingdom of God will be like, we see celebrations, meals, and parties (Isa.25:6; Matt.22:2-14). For the past 35 years, June has been a happy month for me, as I celebrate with my wife, our wedding anniversary. As blessed as I am to have Sue for my bride, even this relationship of marriage is temporary (as widows and widowers painfully know so well), and is a pale reflection of the joy that we will someday know in full as we, the Bride of Christ, enter into the consummation of our redeemed relationship (Eph.5:27; Rev.19:6-9; 21:9).

So, the next time you see a June bug, don’t let it “bug” you too much. Instead, reimagine this little brown bomber not only as a reminder of all our childhoods, but as a precursor of our life to come. If your childhood wasn’t that great, and it brings mostly mourning and sadness, even for you, a Kingdom is promised (Matt.5:3-4). So, as June rolls around, may each of us ask God for a childlike faith to more fully believe that Someday, we will fully enjoy, an Endless Summer of delight. Did I mention to you I like June bugs?