I just finished filling the bird feeder outside my study window here at CrossWay.  I chuckle a bit every time I do it. Why? Well, years ago, the first church my family and I served after we left seminary had  a number of older ladies who took great delight in feeding birds. I would often go on walks with these ladies as a way of a pastoral visit. They would spend much time talking about what kind of birds they were attracting, the particular style of feeder they liked, etc. Being a young husband/dad/pastor, just out of seminary, I remember how such talk struck me. I thought to myself, “wow, these ladies must be well-to-do if they can afford to feed the birds.”  It seemed, while an innocent pleasurable hobby, nonetheless a bit extravagant to me. I mean, who could afford to continually fill the feeder to for these birds? I knew at that time, the answer was not me! So, fast forward a few years.  Having a bit more discretionary income, I found myself buying a simple finch feeder and some thistle seed. As I filled the feeder, the humor of it all struck me and is the reason I still get a kick out of filling the feeder to this day. I remember thinking, upon filling my first feeder: “Financially, I must have arrived – I mean,  I am now able to feed the birds!”  Yes, Jesus reminds us to “Look at the birds of the air; they do now sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them.” (Matt.6:26).  As I ponder this passage and the filling of the feeder, I am reminded of at least one way how God feeds His birds – He uses us! As I purchase my finch mix and fill the feeder, I am extending the compassion of our Father to His creation.  Some of the above thought brings to my mind a number of things. First, it’s okay to muse, “I can’t afford to feed these birds”. How true. As a Pastor, in my own strength, resolve, and resources, I don’t have what it takes to feed the flock.  It really is true, apart from abiding in Jesus, I have nothing to offer anyone of any eternal value.  Yet, being in Christ, all of the resources of heaven and His heart are mine. Because our Great I AM is so rich, so am I. It’s my joy to say to Jesus, paraphrasing Galatians 2:20: “My status of a lack of “birdseed” has died with Jesus, so my lack no longer defines or directs me because the One Who feeds the birds lives in me. And so the life I live now, is an overflow of the One Who loves and feeds the birds. I trust He is able to feed His creation through me because, He loves these “birds” just as He loves me.”   Believer, you are loved. Because of Jesus, you have what it takes to “fill the feeder”.  May I ask you, “what is your feeder?”  It might be you feel inadequate to care for your family, to love those around you, to break a stubborn habit, or, to perhaps even love yourself. Well, apart from the life of Jesus in us, we honestly don’t have what it takes to fill the feeder, to care for the creation around us and that is us. But in Jesus, with Jesus, you can.  For the glory of His Name, He is able to do immeasurably more than all that you can ask or imagine. So, in faith, fill the feeder and revel in the wealth that you have in Jesus!