The Title to this brief blog comes from an old song by Don Francisco with the title, “He’s Alive”. My younger readers have probably never heard of this particular artist, but he was kind of a big deal when I was a new Christian. His song, “He’s Alive” was one of the very first songs I sang in church. I’ll never forget it. It tells the story of Peter, deep in fear and guilt, at his recent denial of and the crucifixion of Jesus. Well, if you are acquainted with the story of Christianity at all, especially that first Sunday years ago, this is a story that is for all of us. It’s my story, and, if you have met the resurrected Lord Jesus, it is your story too. We fail Him, deny Him, sin against Him, yet He comes to us, resurrected, with His “arms held open wide”. I hope you have a blessed Easter, and, if you do not have a home church, to come and continue your story with Jesus, and, find His arms held open wide for you too. He is Risen!