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Smelling The Flowers (Joy!)

Yes, I know, take time to "smell the flowers" may be a tired cliche, but like most familiar sayings, they are repeated often because they resonate with us, strike a need, a hunger, desire, wish, longing, or experience common to being human. If this is true, then, why...

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Walking by the Spirit

I'm sure you've heard sermons, read books, and heard teaching on "walking by the Spirit". While cognitively I might grasp this, experientially, I seem to forget as I slip back into a performance mode motivated and animated, not by the Spirit of God, but by the sheer...

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So, what connotations does the word "wait" have for you? Is it mostly positive, negative, or neutral? I may be wrong, but I am guessing for many of us (most of us?), the word, and especially the act of waiting leans more toward the negative. Honestly, I think waiting...

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Running Until You’re 100

I can’t honestly say I enjoy running. Fast fitness walking better suits my aerobic style. On the other hand, I am reading a book by Jeff Galloway called Running Until You’re 100. Jeff is a former Olympian who has trained hundreds of thousands of runners of...

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